The Production of Novocarb powder, CaCO3.

In the filler plant, the manufacturing process involves raw meal grinding, air jet separation, and when ordered stearic coating (wax extracted from trees in Southeast Asia). The raw material which is used to feed the grinding process comes directly from our pure white Dionysos marble Quarry.
The CaCO3  powder is produced in various grain distributions using air jet separation, depending on the demands of the clients. The CaCO3  powder can be determined as a filling material which is being used widely in the industry.

The Applications of Novocarb powder, CaCO3.

Filler’s applications are many in the industry, since the goods produced by it are met everywhere in our daily environment. In plastics, paper, paints, putties, pipes, plasticized PVC, cables, detergents, animal food, and in many more. 


Our CaCO3 Powders, Novocarb, are of excellent chemical purity since they comprise a by product of Dionysos Quarry’s crystal white marbles. Our production has been certified by Bureau Veritas with ISO 9001:2008. Up to date technology is being used to perform quality control:

  • Grain size distribution in water and/or air methods using laser technology
  • Grain size distribution utilizing classical methods as Air Jet Shifter
  • Whiteness Index control using laser technology
  • Moisture Index control using microwave technology
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