The calcium carbonate

Historically, marble from this area was used to build Acropolis (432 B.C.) in Athens, Greece, still magnificent, bright, and admirable due to its superb design and durable building material. Today, the crystal white marble from Dionysos holds the extension of this history, unaffected by the centuries. This yet provides to the beholder of our marbles the prestige of owning products not only of excellent quality, but also of a tremendous historical value.

Our CaCO3 Powders, Novocarb, are of excellent chemical purity since they comprise a by product of Dionysos Quarry’s crystal white marbles. Our production has been certified by Bureau Veritas with ISO 9001:2008. Up to date technology is being used to perform quality control:

  • Grain size distribution in water and/or air methods using laser technology
  • Grain size distribution utilizing classical methods as Air Jet Shifter
  • Whiteness Index control using laser technology
  • Moisture Index control using microwave technology
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